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Instrumental Enrichment / Mediated Learning Experience

"Learning to Learn"

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Instrumental Enrichment (IE) and Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) are based on the work of Israeli psychologist Reuven Feuerstein who developed his theory in the late 40's through his work with children who were orphaned or separated from their parents as a result of the Holocaust. An intervention program, it is based on the belief that intelligence is modifiable and not fixed, and it is designed to enhance the cognitive skills necessary for independent thinking. IE aims to sharpen critical thinking with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations, and attitudes necessary for independent learning; to diagnose and correct deficiencies in thinking skills; and to help individuals "learn how to learn".

Brief introduction.

Recent London Telegraph Newspaper article on IE.

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Beyond Smarter: Mediated Learning and the Brain's Capacity for Change  by various authors
Up-to-date summary of Feuerstein's thinking and includes accessible descriptions of his tools and methods for cognitive modifiability and mediated learning.

Mediated Learning: Teaching, Tasks and Tools to Unlock Cognitive Potential  by various authors
A highly recommended resource

Experience of Mediated Learning: An Impact of Feuerstein's Theory in Education and Psychology ed. by Alex Kozulin and Yaacov Rand
"...the impact of Feuerstein's theory of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) on our understanding of the learning, instruction and cognitive modifiability of children, adolescents and young adults. The book begins with a historical essay charting the origins of the theory in Feuerstein's work with holocaust survivors and immigrant children, to the current international acceptance and application of his ideas."

On Feuerstein`s Instrumental Enrichment by Meir Ben-Hur (Editor)
Carefully selected articles are compiled in this collection to give you a comprehensive look at instrumental enrichment and mediated learning strategies for students considered at-risk, disadvantaged, or disabled.

School Reform From The Inside Out by Richard F. Elmore

Don't Accept Me As I Am: Helping Retarded People to Excel
by Reuven Feuerstein, Yaacov Rand, John E. Rynders

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School (Expanded Edition)
by John Bransford (Editor), Ann L. Brown (Editor), Rodney R. Cocking (Editor)
"This summary of research in human learning and what this body of knowledge suggests should be the direction of education in the next 10 years makes this work a must read for any educational professional. We owe a debt of gratitude to the National Research Council for the depth and quality of this work."
"It is written so that everybody can understand and make use of it to help educators and researchers to further their goals and those of their students."

No Excuses: Lessons from 21 High-Performing, High-Poverty Schools
by Samuel Casey Carter

Nothings Impossible: Leadership Lessons from Inside and Outside the Classroom
by Lorraine Monroe

Brain-Based Learning by Eric Jensen
Transform any school into a complete learning organization by integrating what we now know about the brain with standard education practices. You'll learn how to apply brain-based learning principles and achieve immediate results with this reader-friendly format. These principles work because they are based on the way our brain naturally learns best. This updated version uses the most current information from the recent explosion of brain research as it applies to teaching and learning.

The Teaching Gap: Best Ideas from the World's Teachers for Improving Education in the Classroom by James W. Stigler and James Hiebert

Schools That Learn by Peter M. Senge et al
"This is a book that should be on desk of every school administrator, teacher, parent and corporate training staff. The dialogue it will initiate has the potential to create, sustain and improve learning throughout all areas of our lives."

Smart Schools: Better Thinking and Learning for Every Child by David Perkins

Preparing for Success: Meeting the Language and Learning Needs of Young Children from Poverty Homes by Carolyn Weiner

Your Child's Growing Mind: A Guide to Learning and Brain Development from Birth to Adolescence by Jane M. Healy
"This excellent and easily read book is a "must read" for parents."

Thinking Games to Play with Your Child by Cheryl Gerson Tuttle, Penny Paquette

Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius: Enhancing Curiosity, Creativity, and Learning Ability by Thomas Armstrong

Great Critical Thinking Puzzles  by Myron Miller (Illustrator), Michael Anthony DiSpezio

101 Fresh & Fun Critical Thinking Activities: Engaging Activities and Reproducibles to Develop Kids' Higher-Level Thinking Skills by Laurie E. Rozakis
For Grades K-3

Critical Thinking Activities for Grades K-3 by Dale Seymour, Ed Beardslee (Contributor)

Puzzles & Games for Critical and Creative Thinking: A Workbook for Ages 4-6 (Gifted & Talented Workbooks) by June Bailey

Puzzles & Games for Critical and Creative Thinking: A Workbook for Age 6-8 (The Gifted & Talented Workbooks) by Martha Cheney, Diane Bockwoldt

States of Mind: New Discoveries About How Our Brains Make Us Who We Are
Ed. by Roberta Conlan
"States of Mind is a wonderfully accessible introduction to the most important recent findings about how our health, behavior, feelings, and identities are influenced by the workings of our brains. Eight pioneering researchers present remarkable new insights about how our inner lives - both of the mind and of the body - are generated and regulated by the marvelous biology going on inside our heads."

Ghosts from the Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence
by Robin Karr-Morse, Meredith S. Wiley
"As groundbreaking as Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring, Ghosts from the Nursery" presents startling evidence on how abuse and neglect during the first two years of life is creating a tide of violent youth."


Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman
"...compelling footage explores proven ways to cultivate everyday skills to help you create a dynamic environment where you can thrive as a parent, student and employee. Fascinating footage of the brain demonstrates how our minds work while eye-opening scenes of animal behavior illustrate our evolution."

TRAINING and related resources are available from the Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (ICELP)

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