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Dec 23, 1941 Tim Hardin Dec 29, 1980

"For a brief period in the years 1966-67 a case could be made for Tim Hardin being the greatest singer / songwriter in the world. His innate sense of melody, the poetic quality of his lyrics and the all up grace and beauty of his work stunned fellow musicians and writers." -  Keith Glass

Like Tim Buckley, Tim Hardin was a 60's era folk-rock musician who was sucker punched by drugs.  The only time I saw Tim perform was on New Year's Eve 1979 in Seattle.  He was a last minute booking at a small, now defunct neighborhood bar; seeing him was an easy decision as it was too late to get reservations anywhere.  But his deterioration at that point was painfully clear.  He performed none of his own compositions that night, nor did he perform anything else except "Georgia On My Mind" over and over again.  He would be dead within the year at age 39.

Fortunately, his work during his most creative period is now being reissued on CD. As a result,  many younger music fans are discovering him. And many of us older music fans are truly re-discovering him, as in his own time he was regarded primarily as a songwriter, with others, especially Bobby Darin, scoring hits with Tim Hardin penned songs like "If I Were a Carpenter", "Lady Came from Baltimore" and "Reason To Believe".

It's hard to find much written about Tim, but he does have a chapter of his own in
American Troubadours: Groundbreaking Singer-Songwriters of the 60s

Tim appears one tape one of the Director's Cut of the Woodstock movie, but not while he was on stage.  The interviewer comes upon him while he is tuning up and singing to himself.  DVD and VHS.

Similar artists:  fans of Tim are likely to also appreciate Nick Drake, Fred Neil, Pearls Before Swine  and Eric Andersen.

Tim Hardin biography

Photo of Tim Hardin at Woodstock

Probably the last photo of Tim, with commentary

Tim Hardin Guitar Tabs

Video clip singing If I Were a Carpenter

Video Clip of  Tim on the Twiggy Show    click here for info on copying video clips to your local drive

Available CDs

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The Essential, Classic Hardin 1963-1980
The 27 tracks span his complete career. Includes deluxe 12 page booklet with detailed liner notes and rare photos.
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Millenium Collection
Recent single CD "greatest hits" style collection
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This Is Tim Hardin
Actually the first album Tim recorded (1964) during his coffeehouse days, but not released until 1967 on the Atco label.  This album was recorded in a folk blues style, with Tim accompanied only by his own guitar therefore totally avoiding the overproduction that would mar some of his later recordings..  Over half the tracks are traditional blues such as "House of the Rising Sun" and "Stagger Lee".
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Simple Songs Of Freedom: The Tim Hardin Collection
This collection of his Columbia recordings includes his only big hit with his own voice, "Simple Song of Freedom", written ironically not by Tim but by Bobby Darin (some kind of cosmic symmetry here).  There is no track overlap with either of the above two Verve collections.
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Tim's last complete studio album, recorded 1973 in London and features among others Peter Frampton. Includes bonus track 'Judge & Jury' previously only available as a single.
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Woodstock: -Three Days of Peace and Music
This 4 cd box set includes Tim's previously unreleased Woodstock perfomance of  "If I Were a Carpenter"
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'73-Live at the Reading Festival
Tim and 7 other artists, the liner notes are extensive and quite interesting.
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Although they no longer have the album available for sale (you'll have to scout the used market for it), Warrior Records still has Tim's 1981 "Unforgiven" listened on  their site, including album cover image and a downloadable sound clip of the title track in WAV format..  "Unforgiven represents his last works. 8 new songs never before recorded. Some completed ... others with lead vocal and basic rhythm tracks and 2 "work" tapes of Tim on vocal and piano recorded at home on his cassette deck. No over-dubbing has been done".

Complete Discography.   While there, click on the "As Guest" tab, or do a search for "songs appear on", to see how many other artists have covered Tim's songs.

Songbook.The Tim Hardin Songbook contains  24 songs including: If I Were a Carpenter, Reason to Believe, Black Sheep Boy, Hang on to a Dream, and Misty Roses.  Includes a biography and photos.

Guitar Tabulature (tabs) of some of Tim's songs.

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